Book Review Services

Attention Authors, PR Agencies and Book Publicists

Before you send me your requests to review books on my blog, kindly read my terms and conditions.

1. I'm open to reviewing both fiction and non-fiction books. But any book that I choose to review will depend on whether or not the book blurb appeals to me.

To send a request for a book review, kindly attach the book cover, a short bio of the author and the blurb of the book and email me at

2. Also please send me a sample chapter. If the book is written in ungrammatical English, I will not read/review the book.

3.  My fees for reading the book and writing an honest and unbiased review will be Rs 2500/-. And this will have to be paid to me in advance.

4. I will only read Kindle copies. So a .mobi file has to be sent to me.

5. I will post my review a week from the date of payment of my fees. It will be an honest and unbiased review and this will be posted on my blog, Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you!

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