Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Different Stages of Writing - and an Appeal

Every story idea has its own distinct journey. Each is unique and can never be identical to the path that any of your previous ideas has travelled. Perhaps, that's the most exciting thing about writing.

A few months ago a filmmaker friend asked me if I would be interested in writing a short film. He had come across a true incident which he wanted to make a film about. That was the beginning of the journey for "Seven Lives", a short film that I scripted for filmmaker Runjiv J. Kapur.

When Runjiv discussed the idea with me, I knew it had the potential to be made into a thought-provoking, dramatic film. The subject was about society's role and how it can impact individual lives. As a writer I was excited about it and I began writing a draft. The first stage of the story's journey had kicked in.

The story development process is the second stage of the writing process. The stage when the writer distills the idea and plays with it, trying to give it  shape, substance, style.

After several brainstorming sessions and tweaking of the various elements of the script, it acquired its final shape.

And now begins the story's third and final phase of the journey. When the story travels beyond the computer and the printed page into a live action film. Excitement mounts, as you can't wait to see how your story plays out on the screen.

Seven Lives has entered its third phase. And yet there is a way to go before it hits the screen: the funding and filmmaking process.

As a writer, my role is limited in this phase but yes, as a team member I can pitch in a bit. And I hope you will also participate in this exciting journey with me.

While a chunk of the film's funding is in place, we are hoping to crowdfund the project. Details of the project are attached in the link.

It would be wonderful if you could contribute in any small way towards this short film which discusses a very important subject: Organ Donation. Even sharing it among your friends and family would be of enormous help. Please click this link to find out more about Seven Lives.

Thank you! I look forward to your participation. :) 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Misadventures in Digital La La Land

My first post in 2017 -- after a long break from blogging -- is ironically enough about my misadventure in digital La La Land.

Sometime just before the launch of my latest book I decided to overhaul my Wordpress website and give it a spiffy new look. And like all my "projects", I went on a mega research exercise. I checked out websites of romance authors and believe me there are some REALLY impressive sites out there. After much deliberation I decided on the "look and feel" and got a web developer to design it for me. The site was launched and those who have followed my blogs might agree with me when I say it was one good looking site.

Problem was it was too pretty for its own good!  I'm a bit embarrassed to say that it intimidated me. 😂My blogging went downhill and my excuse was: lack of time.

When 2016 came to a close I was appalled to see that my blog was languishing in its perfectly pristine state. And I was getting tired of seeing the same images and posts day in and day out. Just proves that too much beauty can also be boring!! Determined to get back into blogging mode I started tinkering with my website when disaster struck... the website crashed. Yep! Panic time.

Meanwhile, the website designer had decided to switch careers (I kid you not!) and I was left high and dry with a website that wouldn't work. Time for a complete overhaul -- I got rid of the Wordpress site and opened a no-frills Blogger site.

So, here I am. This time, no fancy-pants website but a functional blogging platform where I can share my thoughts, a few images, some trivia and fun stuff and above all, reconnect with my readers. All designed by yours truly.... maybe I will get the hang of designing a good-looking website. Maybe not. But who cares...functionality and not just aesthetics is what counts at the end of the day. And as you can see, it's still a work-in-progress. Lesson learnt: there's nothing better than D-I-Y.

Have you had any such disasters in digital la la land? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. (Also, bouquets and brickbats for my maiden website-designing effort are welcome.) 😀