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#MyNoWriMo Writer Buddies Pen 150,000+ Words in May!

The #MyNoWrimo Update One month after we began the #MyNoWriMo initiative , we are a bunch of Happy Writers. We motivated ourselves and each other to kick procrastination and kickstart the daily habit of writing. It's amazing how despite our pretty hectic schedules we managed to find the time to indulge our passion. Along the way, we exchanged tidbits of information, learned from each other, celebrated our writing achievements and bonded over everything from love for cats to drooling over cakes! While we all had flexi writing targets and each of us was working on different projects of varying lengths, the collective output was more than 150,000 words. That's the power of motivation! 😎 Here's what the #MyNoWriMo Buddies have to say about their key learnings: Saiswaroopa Iyer 30,000 words in 30 days (Actually a day less!). A month ago, I did not dream I'll be able to declare the early draft of my novella this soon. And what's more, I had delig