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Modern Romance Short Novel by Indian Author Adite Banerjie

What are some good love stories to read? Every reader has her own preferences. Some like hot and spicy romance novels. Others like them to be sweet but sexy. Still others want a dash of humour.  If you're looking for a contemporary, feel good and yet emotional read with Indian characters you can relate to, you may want to try out a short read by me.  Just The Way You Are is a romance novel for women who love short reads and are looking for a bit of steam and loads of emotions.  Not convinced? Why not check out an excerpt... Shikha and Yash had ended up in his room long after the party broke up. Seduction by music - was that even possible? And then, one thing had led to another and they had ended up in bed with their bodies making music of a different kind. Truth be told, it had been pretty sensational.   After a shower she felt ready to face the world. She had no clue how she would do it but she had to give the annoying hunk, who also happened to be a good eight years younger than

What is Writer's Voice and How You Can Find Yours

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash Writer's Voice is a term that's bandied about quite frequently on writing websites and during discussions within the community. But what exactly is it? The most simple definition is: it is the unique, individualistic style that distinguishes a writer from other writers. Most significantly, as Rachel Gardner puts it so eloquently: writer's voice is an expression of You on the page . It could be one of many things or a combination of several: use of diction, syntax, description style, dialogue, character development, flow of the narrative, tone, etc. However it goes beyond all this--it encompasses your personal world view. Through your voice you connect with  readers with your unique take.  It's the equivalent of your signature as a writer. And just like you did when you were young -- practise multiple ways of writing your name to finally focus on a particular signature that  you would use life long -- a writer needs to work on her voice