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Release of my latest short story -- #Shelly

Most of my stories are feel good love stories. This time I have chosen to write something a little sinister, a little dark. It's an ultra-short love story titled Shelly: A Promise is Forever .  A couple of years ago, as part of a screenwriting challenge--where one is given a few prompts to come up with a short script--I had written this story. It has stayed with me and when I told a friend about this script, she said, 'Why don't you turn it into a short story?'  Though I had thought that fleshing out a six page screenplay would be difficult, as it turned out, once I started writing, the words flowed. Since the storyline was already in place it took me just a couple of days to finish a draft of about 2500 words. A couple of revisions and edits later, it was good to go. This is the first time I have turned one of my scripts into a book--and it has been an experience that I would not mind repeating.  The story revolves around two brothers. When a reluctant Anand Khalap agr

The Most Memorable Line of Indian Cinema

    By Jaideep Sen Last evening as I  was watching Indian Idol, I realised it was  a Mothers ’  Special episode which was obviously a tearjerker . Considering how emotional it was I was  instinctively reminded that perhaps after Mother India,  the most memorable Mother written in contemporary Hindi cinema is Sumitra Devi of Deewar . The character of Sumitra Devi was created with   immense   e motional depth by Salim Saab and   his erstwhile partner, Javed Saab . Indian Idol's Mothers' Special Episode Another slightly lesser remembered but equally impactful character is Janki   in Naam.   P enned independently and  individually by Salim Saab with h is back to the wall when h e wrote his first solo script  after a forced four year break following his parting with Javed Saab . But you need to be made of a different mettle of resilience to hit the ball out of the park against all odds and that’s what Salim Saab did with N aam . When after seeing the I ndian Idol  episode I  spoke

#BookReview: Gilbert's New York steals the show in 'City of Girls'

  Elizabeth Gilbert is famously known for Eat, Pray, Love , a book that I frankly did not enjoy and couldn't bring myself to finish. When I picked up City of Girls , I was intrigued more by the fact that it was set in New York, a city that I had visited a couple of years ago. Watching a Broadway show was the major highlight of my trip. Given that City of Girls is also set in the world of 'showgirls', I was hooked. New York of the 1940s comes alive on the pages as we meet the rich and entitled Vivian Morris who arrives in the City to live with her slightly wild and eccentric aunt Peg. Peg runs a theatre where Vivian befriends an interesting cast of characters including a sexy showgirl, Peg's female secretary and lover and their actress friend. Vivian teams up with her showgirl friend and finds ample ways to exercise her two skills -- "sewing and sex" -- until the inevitable happens. Scandal ensues and upends Vivian's life. Vivian returns to her

'My Favourite Romance Tropes and Valentine's Day' - by Sudesna Ghosh

 Sudesna Ghosh is a prolific Kolkata based romance author who shares her thoughts on Valentine's Day. Don't forget to check out her new release on Juggernaut, My First Love ... I love reading and writing romance. It wasn’t something that I planned to do when I started my writing career with short stories for children. But then I became friends with so many romance authors that I had no choice – I was talking about writing romance and reading more romance books than ever before because all my friends were writing them.  While a few people dared to comment that I was too serious and smart to write in the genre, my author friends encouraged me to try something new. I’m so glad I went ahead with it. No matter how much I tried to brush off Valentine’s Day as a commercial, superficial event, I started writing stories especially for the big day. Even if I didn’t get any Valentine’s Day cards or gifts, I started celebrating the occasion buying nice things for myself and the people I