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Adite Banerjie's Books

Here is a list of my books. They are available as e-books across all Amazon Platforms.
Shelly: A Promise is Forever

Release Date: March 2021
Short Story (Mystery)
Format: Ebook (available across all Amazon Platforms and free on Kindle Unlimited)
Buy Links: 
When a reluctant Anand Khalap agrees to meet his estranged brother Raj, he has no idea that he will finally uncover the mystery of the death of his beloved Shelly. Will it bring them the closure they need?

What Readers are Saying:

  • Like a short burst of firecracker, it is an intense story with an unexpected twist. The story has a reunion and a revelation where the past merges with the present.
  •  Gripping and well crafted storyline combined with fluid writing made this an enjoyable read.
  • The story may be short but every page jumps out at you. There’s thrill. There’s love. There’s hate. Great storytelling and a great ending! 
  • Got goosebumps! The cover is befitting and totally aligned to the story.
    An eloquent love story succinctly told to chilling effect...

    Just The Way You Are  
Release Date: 
October 2019
Romance Novella
Format: Ebook
Buy Links: 

Amazon IN      
A feel-good, emotional romance
What Readers are Saying:  

  • Just The Way You Are has it all. There’s friendship, romance, humor and wit, drama and all so realistic... A lovely read!! 
  • Refreshingly romantic read. A fresh twist and beautifully written.
  • Easy to read, breezy in approach, it was a delight.  

New Cover (April 2021 Edition)
Single mom and bridal makeup artiste Shikha Verma is finally in a good place – both professionally and on the personal front. A chance encounter with a charming musician, who is much younger than her, has her throwing caution to the winds and breaking vows she’s made to herself. Walking away is the right thing to do. After all, she can't risk another heartbreak when she has only just recovered from one.

Yash Kulsreshtha has never been more attracted to a woman and the lady definitely is into him. Why then is Shikha hell bent on pushing him away? Surely their age difference is not such a big deal? But before he can convince her, she storms out of his life. Are Yash and Shikha destined to stay apart or will life hand them a chance at happily-ever-after?

This novella is a feel-good, emotional romance and the first book of the 
Soulmates Series. 

No Safe Zone 
Release Date:  
New Cover (2020 Edition)
June 2019
Format: Ebook
Buy Links: 
Amazon US
Amazon IN 


London-bred activist Qiara Rana will do anything to save her mentor and their NGO, Girls Rock!, from ruin. Even if it means visiting the city she had vowed never to return to.  But within a few hours of landing in New Delhi, she is being chased by a gunman and is a potential suspect in the murder of a high profile businessman. The only person she can turn to for help is Kabir Shorey, the man who stood her up ten years ago.

On a mission to bust an international women’s trafficking ring, Intelligence Bureau officer Kabir Shorey runs slam bang into the girl who has tormented his dreams. He is determined to protect her but can he save himself from the all-consuming passions that flare up between them all over again? 

As the past and present collide in a deadly plot of crime and greed that moves from the cosmopolitan streets of Delhi to the bazaars and villages of Rajasthan, old secrets are ripped away. Treading the fine lines between safety and danger, truth and lies, love and betrayal, Qiara and Kabir discover that in life there is no safe zone. 

What readers are saying: 

  • Unputdownable! The adventure begins as soon as you start reading No Safe Zone.  
  • No Safe Zone is pacy and exciting with a gripping plot. The twists and turns kept me hooked right till the very end
  • From the lanes of Delhi to the Palaces of Rajasthan, the plot takes you on a crazy ride in more ways than one. 

Wedding Shenanigans
Release Date: November 2018

Format: Ebook (available across all Amazon Platforms and free on Kindle Unlimited)

Buy Links:
Amazon IN     Amazon US


Freshly dumped Rayna Dutt does not feel like flying to her best friend’s big fat Indian wedding. But letting down her friend is not an option. So, she decides to grin and bear it. A mix up with room allocations forces her to share a luxury villa with Neel Arora, the gorgeous owner of the resort and best man at the wedding. Sparks fly and attraction sizzles.

When her ex turns up with a new girl on his arm, scandal comes calling. In desperation, she turns to Neel and proposes a fake engagement. As the attraction between them reaches fever pitch, it seems like Rayna has signed up for more trouble than ever!

*This book was previously published by Harlequin/Mills & Boon as Trouble Has a New Name

What Readers are Saying:

  • Loved reading about this luxurious wedding, arrangements, parties, rituals and all that fun that comes with marriage. The hot romance is a plus.  
  • This is a light, fun read - a romantic comedy with a meet -disaster (as opposed to meet-cute) and a fake relationship.
  • The chemistry between the protagonists is amazing. This is one hot book, and I mean HOT. I love it how sensually the author has written the steamy scenes, and how she gives them a chance to develop much more than just physical attraction.  

Bombay Heights

New Cover (2019 edition)

Release Date: July 2018
Format: Ebook (Available on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited)
Buy Link:

 Amazon IN

Amazon US


A feel-good romantic comedy 

Small town girl Sanjana Kale wants a fresh start in Mumbai. A challenging job and some much needed distance from her ludicrously over-protective family could get her life under control.

Forced to team up with video game designer Ashwin Deo, who is too attractive for his own good, she finds life becoming a whole lot more complicated when he turns out to be her new neighbour. How can she maintain a professional distance with this charming troublemaker who believes in getting up close and personal?

To make matters worse, her ex tries to manipulate her loved ones to work his way back into her life. Hysterical siblings, a cantankerous client, an ex who will not take no for an answer, and a blow hot blow cold neighbour...Sanjana is sleepless in the City of Dreams! Can she do what Ashwin dares her to--create a few ripples even if it upsets her family?

What Readers are Saying:

  • This is my favourite sort of book. There are loads of funny moments along with mushy romance….while reading the book I had an ear to ear smile plastered on my face. 
  • Adite has this ability to add layers to her story/characters gradually, building the tension and the story brick by brick...Enjoyed it immensely. 
  • An out and out entertaining read with lovable and real to life characters

Destiny's Girl

Release Date: February 2018 
Format: Ebook (Available on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited) 
Buy Link:


*This book was previously published by Harlequin/Mills and Boon as "The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal".

Maya has only one thing on her mind: revenge. So, when she lands an invitation to the most exclusive high society party being hosted at Dev Residency, she grabs the opportunity. After all, the host of the party is none other than KD, the man who destroyed her family.

Krish needs to find a bride and soon! A marriage arranged by his father, KD, seems imminent and that would mean throwing away the key to his freedom. One innocent tango with the enigmatic beauty, Maya, and he is hooked. Can she be the means to his freedom? Accepting his proposal of marriage will take her a step closer to her goal of revenge. Can Maya stop herself from falling in love with the enemy's son? But then, love and revenge don't mix!

What Readers are Saying: 
  • "Mind-blowing." 
  • "A fast-paced and brilliant story." 
  • "The plot was full of twists and turns taking the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride and it was a quick, easy and pleasant read."
  • Recommended to all who love a riveting Indian romance.


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