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Adventures of a Writer
Adventurers have always been story tellers. They go to distant lands and return with fascinating tales about their travels, the people they met and their wonderful experiences. .

Storytelling, for me, helps me go on similar adventures. Many of these are solely based on trips facilitated by my imagination. Often they have the amazing hues of reality and are liberally sprinkled with  my own personal experiences. 

I welcome you to share my writing journeys. What you will find here are updates about my writing projects, info about my published books, book and movie reviews, interviews with other adventurers in the world of writing and some fun stuff. 

If you are a writer you might find something to inspire you. Or just entertain you.  Writing may be a solitary occupation but in a connected world it is more of an adventure and I hope to share my tales with you and be enriched by your thoughts too. 

Looking forward to many new adventures. Hope you will join me! :)



  1. Hi Adite...Great to know that someone has already made the mark of Indian writing at Hollywood. I am just an 8 months old student in screen writing and would want to know about your journey to write Coaching Class and if possible connect somehow.
    Please respond.

  2. Hi. Thanks for connecting. If you have any questions in particular please feel free to ask. You can also mail me at adite(dot)screenwriter(at) :)

  3. Greetings!

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  4. Hi Adite, Shreya here from Arka communication
    We are looking for collaboration with authors/writers.
    So can you please share me contact details or your email id so that we can discuss this further.

    Thank you 🙇