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 Independence Day 2022 Offer

On the occasion of India's 75th I-Day... 
Grab a paperback copy of my book #BombayHeights (a feel good romantic comedy) at a 40% discount. Order it now on Notion Press with the coupon code HAPPY75 to avail of this offer. Have a great Independence Day! #bookoffer #promotion #notionpress #romanticcomedy #HAPPY75


Valentine-Day Giveaway and Contest

I am doing a couple of fun giveaways for V-Day.

First, there is the #HarlequinSecretValentine Goodreads Giveaway. Two lucky winners will win a signed copy of my latest book, No Safe Zone and a "secret" book. All I can tell you is, it's a romance novel that I simply adore.... so what are you waiting for? Sign up for the giveaway today... Contest closes on 20th February, 2017

Second, there is the Perfect Gift Idea. Tell me about the perfect gift that you would like to receive and/or give on Valentine Day. Be creative, make it fun, and if I love your idea, you get to win a signed copy of my book No Safe Zone.

Come on, can't wait to read your Perfect Gift Idea.  Hurry, contest closes on 20th Feb, 2017.  :)


  1. This contest is now closed and the following Winners have been sent their prizes:

    Mansi Gupta of Dehradun (for Perfect V-Day Gift Idea)

    Aishwarya R, Samarth Sharma, Jasmine Randelia-Bavan, Khushbu Nimrani.



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