Sunday, 13 October 2019

#NewRelease - Just The Way You Are

There's something exciting about releasing a new book. Especially one which you hadn't really planned on writing -- but kind of happened on the fly. But more about that story later.

First, let me tell you about the spanking new ebook that I have released. It's a romance novella and the first book in the Soulmates Series. The first title - Just The Way You Are - is Yash and Shikha's story. 


Single mom and bridal makeup artiste Shikha Verma is finally in a good place – both professionally and on the personal front. A chance encounter with a charming musician, who is much younger than her, has her throwing caution to the winds and breaking vows she’s made to herself. Walking away is the right thing to do. After all, she can't risk another heartbreak when she has only just recovered from one.

Yash Kulsreshtha has never been more attracted to a woman and the lady definitely is into him. Why then is Shikha hell bent on pushing him away? Surely their age difference is not such a big deal? But before he can convince her, she storms out of his life. Are Yash and Shikha destined to stay apart or will life hand them a chance at happily-ever-after?

This novella is a feel-good, emotional romance and the first book of the Soulmates Series. 

So, now to get back to the story of how it all happened. Cut to: July 2019 when I was plodding away on my Work in Progress - a contemporary romance novel with a bit of an historical angle to it.  I was drowning under all the information that I had unearthed and it seemed like I would be in for a long haul. Given my other deadlines on my non-fiction projects, there was no way I could finish the book any time soon.

Besides, I had been looking forward to putting out a new release on Amazon. And the only way I could achieve that was if I wrote a short story or novella. I already had a theme that I wanted to explore -- about a relationship between an older woman and a younger man -- and I practically cranked out the outline in an hour. As I wrote the story, I also developed side stories for two other characters. These stories will be part of the Soulmates Series.

This is my very first novella and I hope you enjoy Yash and Shikha's story. If you do, please don't forget to leave a review on Amazon or here on my blog.

Before I sign off, here's the song that inspired the title of the book... it's one of my favourites. Enjoy!